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Update on the 8th St Railway Crossing Closure

September 25th, 2016 by rca_admin No comments »

Here’s the latest information about the 8th St Railway crossing closure from Erin Joslin, VP External and Chair of the Civic Affairs Committee:


What’s going on? I heard that they’re closing the 8th St railway crossing?

During a recent meeting between the City of Calgary and the RCA Board, the City told us that the 8 St SE railway crossing will be closing.

The City provided no additional details or alternate options, and there has been no further discussion about the closing.

I saw constructions crews at the 8th St crossing. I can’t believe they closing it down already!

The City is NOT closing the 8th St crossing YET.

The construction you’re seeing is related to something else. By the time you read this, they might be done.

But the 8th St crossing is NOT being closed yet.

They can’t just close the crossing without talking to us first! We live here!

This is what we’ve heard so far:

  • Canadian Pacific wants to close the 8th St crossing so they no longer have to worry about car traffic.
  • There is a contract on the books between CP and the City of Calgary (from over 100 years ago) that allows CP to close this crossing at any point.
  • Ward 9 does NOT support the closure of the 8th St crossing because it affects connectivity between Ramsay and Inglewood.
  • The Green Line LRT could potentially run along the CP tracks through the 8th St crossing.

I’m really upset about this, and I need more details.

You’re not alone. I asked Ramsay residents to send me their questions and concerns. This is the list so far:

  • When is this happening? There has been no time frame given on this closure.
  • What does this do to our connection to Inglewood (vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle)?
  • Does the 7th St SE underpass get to stay open or not? We want certainty on this. And if it stays open, will it be upgraded as part of the 9th Ave SE Bridge project – in other words, can we turn towards both directions on 9 Ave?
  • How does this affect Emergency Access? Especially during situations such as derailments and floods?
  • How does this impact current traffic patterns?
  • What does this mean for traffic loads on MacDonald Ave?
  • How does this impact Stampede Traffic following major events?
  • Does the traffic count data presented actually reflect true traffic volume? We all know that lots of us choose alternate routes when we see the train at the crossing.
  • If ‘at grade’ crossings are a huge deal and we want to get rid of them, why are the crossings on 11th street and through the traffic circle also not being discussed?
  • Do we get to keep the pedestrian access under the tracks? If so, can we address safety issues with this route?
  • Where exactly is 8th closing, and what will that closing look like? Will there be barriers that can be removed in emergency situations? What will the cul-de-sac look like?
  • How does this all tie in to the other proposed projects – 9th Ave Bridge, Green Line?

What is going to happen next?

The conversation is just starting. The crossing is not closed yet.

We are working with Inglewood, Ward 9, and the Stampede to figure out the next steps.

I will keep you posted as I get answers and new details.

How can I help?

Please email your questions and concerns to Ward 9 at and make sure you CC me at when you do so.

Ward 9 will compile the list of Ramsay residents’ concerns and bring it to the attention of the City.

This situation is stressful, but we’re pushing to get answers to your questions.

Upcoming Important Dates

September 24th, 2016 by rca_admin No comments »

From Erin Joslin, VP External and Chair of the Civic Affairs Committee:

Hi Everyone,

I have attempted to gather all the important dates here for you to mark on your calendar. Please come out and make your voice heard. These meetings are shaping our future community.

October 3

ARP Discussion – Transportation
7:00 – 9:00 PM @ Dave Marshall Room (Inglewood)
*This is a combined community meeting

October 26

ARP Discussion – Heritage & Density
7:00 – 9:00 PM @ Ramsay Main Hall

Website Restoration in Progress

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Hi everyone

This week our hosting provider experienced a catastrophic failure which temporarily affected our email, this website and our backup of this website.

Because of this unforeseen event, we’ve been forced to restore the site from an older backup. You’ll notice old content on the front page. We’re working to restore critical current content as soon as possible.

In meantime, if you’ve sent any email to a “” email address since last Monday, please re-send it just to be sure.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

REMINDER – The AGM is on Tuesday October 6 2015

October 4th, 2015 by rca_admin No comments »

The Annual General Meeting will be on Tuesday October 6, 2015

In accordance with Section 9 of our bylaws, a nominating committee will be struck to consider nominations for the Board positions (described in Section 6) that will be available for the 2015-2016 term.

These positions are as follows:

  • President (1 Year Term)
  • Vice-President, External (2 Year Term)
  • Treasurer (2 Year Term)
  • Director at Large (2 Year Term)
  • Director at Large (2 Year Term)
  • Director at Large (1 Year Term)
  • Director at Large (1 Year Term)

Any Ramsay Community Association member who wishes to be considered by the nominating committee for one or more of the above positions, or to hold a seat on the nominating committee, can contact Kevin Cunningham, President, at (403) 680-0854 or

Only nominations made before September 29, 2015 will be considered by the nominating committee. Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM. Information on how to become a member of the Ramsay Community Association and a copy of the Bylaws are available on our website:

The Zoo Flood Project

October 3rd, 2015 by rca_president No comments »

We received the following invite from the City of Calgary:

The City is planning to build a flood barrier around the zoo to protect it from future flooding.

They are holding a drop-in public information session between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 8 at the Alexandra Centre (922 9 Ave S.E.) to introduce the project to the community and to better understand your questions or concerns about the project.

If you are unable to attend the information session but would like to discuss the project further, please email me at and I can provide you with information or coordinate a meeting for you to discuss your concerns with the project team.

Please feel free to share the  invitation with your colleagues and neighbours.

Thanks very much, and we hope to see you there!

Cassie Brannagan

Communication Specialist, Engagement & Communication Partner Services

Customer Service & Communications
The City of Calgary |

Download the October 2015 Newsletter

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You can now download the October 2015 newsletter.

The newsletter delivery team will be bringing the newsletter to your mailbox on the week-end of October 3-4.

If you have any questions or comments about newsletter delivery, please contact

Enjoy the October 2015 issue!

Green Line SE LRT Open House on October 1

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REMINDER: Unveiling of Green Line SE LRT next steps

Thursday October 1

4:30-8:20 pm

at the Alexandra Centre

Click here for details

Calgary Centre All-Candidates Debate on Tue Sep 15

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A Calgary-Centre All Candidates’ Debate to end all Debates

at the

1740 24TH AVE SE

Tuesday September 15, 2015 at 7 pm sharp

All Calgary-Centre candidates will be present to discuss the most important issues to Inglewoodonians.

In alphabetical order by last name:

  • Thana Boonlert – Green
  • Joan Crockatt – Conservative
  • Kent Hehr – Liberal
  • Jillian Ratti – NDP

Voting is Good. Informed Voting is Better!

Download the September 2015 Newsletter

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You can now download the September 2015 newsletter.

The newsletter delivery team will be bringing the newsletter to your mailbox on the week-end of August 29-30.

If you have any questions or comments about newsletter delivery, please contact

Enjoy the September 2015 issue!

Get your RCA Membership Now

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The Ramsay AGM will be Oct 6.

You want to vote? But you don’t have a membership yet?

To be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting, an individual must be a Full Member for at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Get your membership now!