Ramsay wins The Natural Step Pilot Program!

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Ramsay has been chosen to be part of the The Natural Step pilot program for developing community sustainability plans.

The Natural Step – Sustainable Communities Program

So what does this mean?

Well they have worked with larger organizations in Alberta on municipal sustainability plans…

Municipal Sustainability Planning is a process that guides municipalities in creating a long-term vision for their communities.  Proactive steps are taken to move towards a sustainable future, one where a strong economy and participatory governance leads in protecting our natural environment, effectively manages the built environment, contributes to a vibrant cultural scene and cultivates significant social inclusion.

MSPs are  an opportunity to engage citizens in a dialogue about what they value about their communities and how these values can be incorporated into a long-term vision that endorses sustainable development actions.

MSPs  provide an outlet for wisdom and expertise of community members to discover innovative solutions that address social, cultural, economic, environmental and governance challenges today while leaving a positive legacy for future generations.”

Each one of the municipalities has created a final document that you can scan/read to get an idea of what a CSP may look like. You can find all the links on this website:


Every strategic plan is developed through public engagement with all stakeholders in the area, so it will be important for every Ramsayite to get engaged and get involved to ensure the strategies we prioritize are going to take us in the direction we all want Ramsay to be heading in over the next 30-50 years.

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