Community Garden Fence Design Competition!

April 16th, 2012 by rca_president Leave a reply »

Put on your creative hats and come up with some ideas for submission. We are looking for some out of the box thinking and designs for the fencing located at the community garden in Ramsay Park near the Tennis courts. If you are unsure of the garden location please contact the email below.

Open: April 15
Closed: May 5

Design requirements:
– Rabbit proof
– Aesthetically pleasing
– Cost effective
– Made of mostly recycled materials
– Durable, this is to be a permanent type fence
– Can be installed by hand
– 250 linear feet with 2 gates: one on the east end and one the southwest side.
– The fence will abut chain link fence of the tennis courts.

Please provide 1 e-copy and one paper copy of your proposal.

No fee will be paid to the winning design, but you will receive much glamour.

Once the winning design has been chosen and approved by the City of Calgary Parks department, you will not be required to install the fence (but you are more than welcome to pitch-in), but may be required for advice.

Please contact with any questions.


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