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Community Clean-up: A Huge Success!

June 12th, 2012

(pictured – nancy, kevin and wayne cao)

Wow, what a great community event we had on Sunday. After going strong from 8:30am – 3pm I sat back and said… ‘now that is what community is all about, everyone getting together sharing resources, food and a great time to accomplish a single goal… making our beautiful Ramsay shine!’

I lost count of how many people with trucks showed up, they were keen to get a route and help those neighbours that didn’t have the means to get large items or large amounts of items to the city trucks. Of note we had H.M.S Cyril floating through, picking up enough over the day to fill a garage truck by itself. we had many trailers and helpers that jumped in and rode along to help in the alleys.

Double Elle baked fresh buns that morning for us, Wade Patterson provided the warm chilly, and tnik was providing the warm and cold beverages, big thanks to you for supporting Ramsay Community.

We did learn a few things along the way, next year for this event or possible on it’s own, we will be getting a wood chipper to come down. Possibly 1/3 of the total loads was tree trimmings, why not put that right back into the Ramsay landscape. Sunday seemed to be a good day, everyone had saturday to prepare and sift through what needed to discarded and then had time to help others! We will make sure that we have an e-cycler and a metal recycler on hand as well so we don’t have to turn those items away. (as i write this we have a metal recycler picking up what metals we pulled out)

It was great to see everyone that i know come out and all the new faces was fantastic, i hope to see more of everyone in the future! Big kudo’s to everyone!!!


people were using all sorts of methods to bring unwanted items down to the trucks!

we had the two trucks being loaded at a constant rate!