Community Clean-up Tomorrow (Sunday June 9)

June 8th, 2013 by rca_admin Leave a reply »

It’s time for the annual spring cleaning! On June 9th we will have three garbage trucks in the parking lot of the hall ready to be filled while we clean up the community. There will be food to feed volunteers.

The trucks will arrive at 9:00 am and will leave at 2:00 pm sharp. Our agreement with the City obliges us to turn people away at 2:00 pm. So make sure to come early.

Once you’ve dumped your stuff, join a team to clean up the streets and parks. Volunteers with trucks are needed to collect larger items that are abandoned in the alleys. Please make sure to bring a tarp to comply with the city by-laws. If you are able to volunteer, contact Kevin Cunningham as soon as possible so he can organize clean-up crews: If you forget to contact him, come out anyways. We’ll find something for you to do!
The following items may not be placed in the packer trucks or brought to the cleanup site:

* tires
* household chemicals
* car batteries
* metals
* home appliances
* propane tanks
* home electronics
* glass
* paint
* microwaves
* liquids

Thanks to the City of Calgary Waste and Recycling Services for supporting this event.


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