River Conditions

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River Conditions
Ahead of the forecast preciptation the following advisories have been issued:

Bow River Basin:
Flood Watch – Wallaceville area in the Town of High River – forecast flows indicate that water levels could approach the flood threshold values in this area of the Town. There are NO flooding concerns in any other portion of the town given the current weather forecast.

High Streamflow Advisory – Elbow River, Fish Creek, Highwood River, Tributaries to the Bow
With the current weather forecast, water levels upstream of the Glenmore Dam along the Elbow River may rise up to 1m.

The City of Calgary has started to outflow from Glenmore Dam in anticipation of these inflows, which will be significantly lower than last year. However, this controlled outflow from the dam will still necessitate the closure of a number of trails along the Elbow River downstream of the dam.
Inflows to Ghost Reservoir upstream of the City of Calgary are not expected to require any large changes to outflow based on the current weather forecast.


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