Important – Land Use Amendment Requests

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The City of Calgary has sent two Land Use Amendment requests to the Ramsay Community Association.

These two Land Use changes could have a significant impact on Ramsay. We have sent requests for the two applicants to explain their projects and answer questions from the community.

All interested community members are invited to attend the next General Meeting on Tuesday December 2 at 7pm at Ramsay Community Hall.

Important Note: The developer of the rental unit complex will attend the December 2 general meeting, but the CMLC (who are proposing the 7 St SE road closure) will NOT be at the December 2 general meeting. Instead, the CMLC will make a formal presentation to the Ramsay community in the new year. The date will be announced on this website as soon as the CMLC  confirms it.

See below for the details we have so far.

Rental Multi-Residential Development on 11 St SE

What is this?

A new rental unit complex on 11 St SE (at the corner of 18 Ave SE, on the east side of 11 St, just north of the Ramsay Design Centre).

How do I find out more information?

The developer will answer questions at the RCA general meeting at the Ramsay Community Hall on Tuesday December 2 2014 (starting at 7pm)




1802 11 St SE (Map)

Existing Use:

Commercial – Corridor 3 (C-Cor3 f2.0h16) District

Proposed Use:

Multi-Residential – High Density Low Rise (M-H1)


Road Closure of 7 St SE between McDonald Bridge and CPR Bridge

What is this?

The Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) would like to permanently close 7 St SE between McDonald Bridge and the CPR Bridge. (Map)

They want to do this in order to expand the Riverwalk. Instead of vehicle traffic, this stretch of 7 St SE would allow pedestrians only.

How do I find out more information?

You can download the documents here:

Application for Road Closure and Land Use Amendment

Overall Site Plan

The CMLC will come to an RCA general meeting in the new year so they can answer questions from Ramsay residents. The exact date has not been confirmed yet.



Existing Use:

Undesignated Road Right-of-Way

Proposed Use:

Special Purpose – Recreation


If you have any questions or concerns about either of these Land Use Amendment requests, please come to the General Meeting on Tuesday December 2 at 7pm at the Ramsay Community Hall.


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