Greenline Letter Templates – Just Sign and Send

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Here are the template letters we have created for you to use. There are three different options. You are welcome to customize any option and make it your own. The letters can be sent in either via email or hard copy.  Both hold the same weight with the city.

If you would like to do a hard copy, our wonderful volunteers will collect them to add to their ever growing piles. These were the volunteers that canvased the neighbourhood on Sunday seeking letters of support and spreading word of the community’s concerns.

You can drop physical letters off to:

  • Monday  – 1033 9st SE  between 5:00-9:00
  • Tuesday  – Tuesday 1031 9st SE  between 5:00-9:00


1) Simple Signature Letter – Just sign and send in.


Green Line Letter Template short


2) Simple letter – More Details


Green Line Letter Template medium


3) Longer Letter Form – Customizable


Green Line Letter Template long customised

Contact Info

Contacts Greenline



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