Green Line – A Thanks to RCA ~ from City of Calgary

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Greetings President and Ramsay CA

I am reaching out to ensure you know that yesterday City Council approved Administration’s Green Line recommendation on the updated Stage 1 alignment and delivery framework.  The approval of the recommended alignment from 16 Avenue N to 160 Avenue SE finalizes the alignment discussion and allows the Green Line team to move forward with confidence. I have linked the approved recommendations for your reference. If you have any question about the details please don’t hesitate to ask.

The approved delivery framework includes construction staging in 3 segments to provide more certainty around managing risks.  The three segments are:

    • Segment 1: Elbow River to Shepard
    • Segment 2A: 2 Avenue SW station to Elbow River
    • Segment 2B: 16 Avenue N to north of 2 Avenue SW station

The approval also includes direction to develop a Functional Plan for a flexible and convertible mobility corridor in North Central Calgary from 160 Avenue to Downtown (details in link above) as part of Green Line Stage 1.

Thank you for the thoughtful conversations and perspectives that you have shared with us to help us to get to this point. If you submitted a letter as part of this recent process we have read it and thank you for sharing it with us. Working with our stakeholders has been an important part of the journey and I am grateful for all the time and energy you have given to the Green Line team along the way. I also recognize that there are different feelings, opinions, and impacts along the line; no matter where you fall on the spectrum, we will always do our best to understand your unique perspective and situation and support you to the best of our ability.

The key next steps include the RFP for LRVs going out today, the RFP for segment 1 going out by July 24, 2020 and moving forward with putting together the workplans for segments 2A and 2B.  There will be further opportunities for engagement coming up and I will reach out to you with more details as soon as they are confirmed.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Hope everyone is doing well!





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