Inglewood/Ramsay City Projects Update – June 2020

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Inglewood/Ramsay City Projects Update 

June 2020


See below for important updates on upcoming projects in the Inglewood and Ramsay communities.

Green Line  Project Update

On Tuesday, June 16, City Council approved Administration’s Green Line recommendation on the updated Stage 1 alignment (from 16 Avenue N. to Shepard) along with changes to construction staging.

In addition to approving the alignment, Council approved a new construction staging strategy. Administration’s recommendations reflect many thoughtful conversations since the June 1st  Green Line Committee meeting with Council and stakeholders and balance the commitment to move forward with Stage 1, with the desire for greater certainty around managing risks.

Green Line Stage 1 will be constructed in three segments:

  • Segment 1: Elbow River to Shepard
  • Segment 2A: 2 Avenue SW station to Elbow River
  • Segment 2B: 16 Avenue N to north of 2 Avenue SW station

Segment 1 of the Green Line is shovel ready. The procurement process will move forward with the Request for Qualifications shortlisted proponents to be announced in June 2020, and the Request for Proposal to be issued no later than July 24, 2020. Given Segment 1 will be delivered as a design build finance project, the proponent teams will be bidding on the project starting on July 24, 2020; however, the detailed design and construction will begin in 2021. For more information, please visit

Fire Station in Inglewood – Project Update

The City is exploring the development of a new mixed-use facility in the community of Inglewood. An external developer is being sought to purchase City-owned land and lead the planning, design and development of a mixed-use development that will include a new fire station. The land is comprised of four parcels located at 1204, 1210, 1212 and 1216 11 Avenue S.E.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued June 1, 2020 inviting interested parties to apply. Once the RFP process is complete, the successful applicant will be required to go through the standard City-mandated development permit and/or land use re-designation approval process.

The development of this site as a fire station has been anticipated since its purchase in the 1990’s. The new fire station is required to support Calgary Fire Department’s needs in downtown and inner city neighbourhoods and to maintain response times.

The intent is that this mixed-use development will be designed to be a transit-oriented development, supporting the MAX Purple Bus Rapid Transit, the future Inglewood Ramsay Green Line station and to help achieve the vision for the Historic East Calgary Area Redevelopment Plan (HEC ARP). Ongoing project updates will be posted at


Inglewood Sanitary Trunk – Project Update

The Inglewood Sanitary Trunk project reached a major milestone in May with the completion of the final tunnel in the new trunk. Activity will continue at various shaft sites through the summer to complete commissioning, restoration and landscaping.


Our crews continue to work at 8 Avenue and 9 Street S.E. until August to connect the new sanitary pipes to the existing Inner City Trunk. The intersection will remain closed during this time. Thank you to the residents of Inglewood and Ramsay for your patience and understanding while we complete this important upgrade to the sanitary system. For more information, please visit

Jack Long Park – Construction Update

Construction on the park is underway – with a scheduled park opening for late summer/fall of 2020. See a photo below of what the park will look like when it opens to the public. For more information, please visit

8 Avenue SE Corridor Improvements – Project Update

The City has been working with the Inglewood Community Association on a plan to improve the 8 Avenue S.E. corridor. These improvements will help to reduce cut through traffic and vehicle speeding, as well as, improve pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle safety along the corridor.

Changes coming to 8 Avenue S.E. this summer

To execute the plan, we are implementing the following:

  • Installing a traffic calming curb extension and wheelchair ramps on the west side of 8 Street to improve the safety and connection to the Bow River Pathway.
  • Installing traffic calming curb extensions and wheelchair ramps along the southeast and southwest corners of 9 Street, 11 Street and the southeast corner of 14 Street S.E.
  • Installing a traffic circle and a traffic calming curb extension on 13 Street S.E. with new crosswalks and wheelchair ramps to make crossing the street easier.
  • Installing speed humps between 11 Street and 12 Street S.E., 12 Street and 13 Street S.E. and 13 Street and 14 Street S.E.

More information

You can view an overview about this project and a map of construction on signs located at Elbow River Traverse corner of 8 Street and 8 Avenue S.E. and 8 Avenue S.E. and 12 Street S.E. For more information, please visit


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