Children / Teen Coloring Books Available for Donation

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Ward 9 advises of  item that might be of interest to you folks and our organizations:


I am emailing you because I was contacted by Marilyn Bridges – a generous Calgarian that has new adult/teen colouring books and new children’s books that she would like to donate to non-profit organizations. If you are interested, please send her an email (see below). She just received a shipment of 400 new books that she wants to donate.

 I attached a sample of one book (see attachments). I have not personally flipped through each book. I have only seen images from the cover and a few images of the context, which appears at first glance to me, like any standard book you would buy at Chapters or find at a public library. Use your own discretion and ask questions to Marilyn Bridges if you have any about the books.

 **Please do not post her contact information on Facebook or any other social medium, as I do not have her permission to do so. **

 Name: Bridges, Marilyn

Please contact Marilyn directly and mention that you were referred by a contact in the Councillors’ offices if you’re interested!

Have a great day, and stay safe!

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