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Updates on the Guidebook for Great Communities & Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan.

July 8th, 2020

Inglewood/Ramsay City Projects Update

See below for important updates on the Guidebook for Great Communities and the Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan.

Guidebook for Great Communities

On Monday June 15, 2020, Council approved a motion to refer the Guidebook for Great Communities (Guidebook) back to the July 15 Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development (PUD) meeting, rather than proceeding to a public hearing of Council.

The presentation and discussion on July 15 will allow PUD members the opportunity to give Administration specific direction on the process forward. Based on the direction from PUD, Administration will continue work on the Guidebook.

The Guidebook report for PUD will be available tomorrow (July 9) at the link below. Members of the public can watch the PUD meeting online and may speak if desired – please note the instructions for participating: Council & Committee Agendas, Minutes and Video.


 Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan

The project team has been working on developing an updated draft of the Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan (LAP). Following the discussion and direction at PUD, the draft LAP will continue to be updated.

A draft has been shared with the Community Associations, Business Improvement Area, and Industry for their initial feedback. We expect to release an updated draft LAP to the full Ramsay and Inglewood communities in late 2020. At that time, citizens who live and work in these areas will also have the opportunity to participate in a public engagement exercise. This feedback will help further refine the LAP. The final draft LAP is scheduled to be ready in 2021, once the Guidebook is approved by Council.

Visit the project page for more information. We will update you with more details on the LAP timeline in fall 2020.

Stay informed on proposed development in Inglewood – 9th Ave.

July 8th, 2020
Learn more about the proposed development in  Inglewood – 9th Ave
Read the Background on the proposed development here :
9th Ave and surrounding commercial streets are both Inglewood and Ramsay’s Main Street.
Many Inglewood businesses are owned and operated by residents of Ramsay.  Residents of Ramsay – learn more  of the situation that our shared main street is facing.
Inglewood has initiated a Petition that has reached thousands and now has been signed by almost 15,000 , and has opened a storefront on Ninth Avenue to increase support.

Ramsay residents – feel passionately about this?

Get Informed:

Want to Take Action?

Don’t Delay 
The implications of the recommendations in the newest iteration of the Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP), including the immediate land use change submission (by developer: RNDSQR) for the second tower goes to Council on July 27, so your deadline: is July 20th