Stay informed on proposed development in Inglewood – 9th Ave.

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Learn more about the proposed development in  Inglewood – 9th Ave
Read the Background on the proposed development here :
9th Ave and surrounding commercial streets are both Inglewood and Ramsay’s Main Street.
Many Inglewood businesses are owned and operated by residents of Ramsay.  Residents of Ramsay – learn more  of the situation that our shared main street is facing.
Inglewood has initiated a Petition that has reached thousands and now has been signed by almost 15,000 , and has opened a storefront on Ninth Avenue to increase support.

Ramsay residents – feel passionately about this?

Get Informed:

Want to Take Action?

Don’t Delay 
The implications of the recommendations in the newest iteration of the Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP), including the immediate land use change submission (by developer: RNDSQR) for the second tower goes to Council on July 27, so your deadline: is July 20th

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