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City Update on 11 Street – 21 Ave SE construction – truck detour EXTENDED to July 28, 2020.

July 3rd, 2020

Please see the following update from the City of Calgary, regarding construction on 11 Street and 21 Ave S.E

July 16:

Green Line related construction work that is being conducted by ENMAX at 11 ST and 21 AV SE is still ongoing and the portion of work that requires the current northbound lane closures and associated truck detour route on 23 AV SE to Spiller Road SE will not be complete until July 28, 2020.

As a project team, The City of Calgary Green Line and ENMAX Power Corporation apologize for any inconvenience caused to the community of Ramsay and appreciate your patience as we work towards project completion as quickly and safely as possible.

 Throughout the construction period, ENMAX has encountered a number of circumstances beyond their control which have contributed to delays in construction. Significant spring rainfall has caused unfavorable groundwater conditions and reduced efficiency for crews on site. Collapsing trenches (sloughing) has required a revised approach for shoring, backfill, and soil compaction. During the course of construction crews have also encountered unmarked abandoned utilities, which required filing and obtaining updated permits and implementing revised construction methods. Due to these unforeseen circumstances, a much deeper excavation was also required underneath the Canadian Pacific (CP) railway tracks, requiring relocation of the initial excavation pit and additional accompanying approvals.

Crews are planning to complete road construction activities by July 28, 2020 taking into account weather conditions. Crews will continue to work in the area with smaller disruptions (such as single lane road closures) until the end of August.

 The City of Calgary Green Line and ENMAX Power Corporation would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ramsay community for its understanding throughout the construction period. If you have any further questions or concerns about this specific construction project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ENMAX Customer Relations at 403-514-3990 or .

 If you have any questions or concerns about the Green Line project and the ongoing truck detour along 23 Avenue SE, please contact Stuart Gripton, City of Calgary Green Line – Stakeholder Relations and Communications at e. or t. 403-312-2682


July 14:

There has now been a request to extend the truck detour until end of day Friday, July 17 2020.

I recognize and appreciate how patient and supportive all the residents have been with the detour and its multiple extensions. I understand that the detour  is disruptive and has caused concern and angst for residents for a number of reasons. I will be pushing hard on my end to see if there are ways that the construction for this job can be expedited to be complete prior to this deadline.

Your identified concerns about future Green Line construction in the area are also not lost on our team. I have been taking note of these concerns with a goal to establish future construction plans and/or specific measures/controls that are geared toward minimizing impacts that may be associated with future Green Line development in Ramsay. I am focusing on GL construction activity in proximity to the Sofina site as there will certainly be increased construction in this particular area. I will keep everyone apprised as more information becomes available.

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Sincerely,    Stuart

July 05

As you are likely aware, the current Green Line (ENMAX) construction work at 21 AV SE & 11 ST SE remains ongoing. As such, the current truck traffic detour route will remain in effect until this portion of the construction work is complete. Completion is targeted for July 12, 2020.  During the course of this detour, some area residents have offered feedback and observations about the detour. Resident feedback has been very constructive and is always welcomed. There have been resident concerns raised regarding upcoming Stampede fireworks displays and safety due to greater volume of people in the area (pedestrians, drivers etc.) and identification that there has been shortcutting off of the designated truck detour route. We will be installing additional signage (today) to address shortcutting and contacting the area businesses to remind them about these events and to discourage shortcutting. Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we complete this work.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the detour and please don’t hesitate to provide my contact info to any area residents or stakeholders who may also want to contact me about this detour or Green Line work in general.




Stuart Gripton, B.A., M.A.(Pl), RPP

Senior Access Planner, Stakeholder Relations

The City of Calgary, Green Line

PO Box 2100, Station M, Calgary, AB, T2P 2M5 | Mail code # 211

1.403.312.2682 1.403.268.8078 |


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Stampede Fireworks on Sunday July 12 – UPDATED: Hill Residents and Guest Access

July 2nd, 2020

UPDATE: Hill Access Road Closures start at 8:00 pm Sunday July 12 

Greetings Ramsay Residents,

Calgary Stampede will be hosting a spectacular covid-friendly fireworks event for the entire city July 12. The fireworks will be MUCH Higher than traditional grandstand show fireworks -  to facilitate city residents to see them from far-away vantage points.  Covid-rules still apply. City residents are not permitted on Stampede Park, and encouraged not to venture to inner-city communities to view fireworks. We’re  discouraging gathering, crowds, and asking people not to come to Ramsay.

Each year, Ramsay Community and a variety of other community stakeholders plan build a Stampede Parking Plan for the Community of Ramsay.  This year is no exception. Plans are already underway to manage traffic that may find its way into Ramsay for the 2020 fireworks.  Ramsay Community Association, Ward 9 team, Calgary Stampede, Calgary Roads, Calgary Parks, Community Standards (Bylaw), Calgary Parking and City of Calgary Events Teams and other stakeholders continue  working hard to ensure the July 12 event being hosted by the Calgary Stampede are well organized, coordinated, safe and that we are not in violation of social-distancing protocols.

Expect: barricades (temporary barricades, staffed and vehicle secured), enhanced Calgary Police Service and Calgary Parking Authority presence, extra clean-up crews scheduled post-event. Stampede Parking Planning Team has assess July 3 event, and made plan adjustments for the July 12 event.

Hill Residents Hill Access - Residents expecting Guests: Guests must arrive before the road closures go in place (before 8:00 pm).  Only residents will be allowed access after the roads are closed, via the two hill access points for residents:  

  1. Bellevue Ave and 12th Street
  2. Burns and Spiller Road
  • To get through the access point, hill residents will need provide proof of address.
  • Guest must provide the resident’s name and address they are visiting.  – even better if the resident meets the guest to greet them at the check point.
  • All guests must have their plates registered in the digital system or will be ticketed.
  • Access  point will only be controlled from 8:00 until 11:30.


2020-07-03 Updated personnel








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