AGM Volunteers NEEDED

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Hello Ramsay Friends

In the year of “Covid” we have had to make a lot of adjustments in our lives.

As we live in this New Normal, we need to change the way the Ramsay Community Association operates and well.

We moved our General and committee meetings online, and they have been going well.

This fall we will need to move our Annual General meeting online as well.

As the event is a bit more technical, we are reaching out to our membership for assistance.




Short Term project – ends Oct 2020


  • meeting platform
  • e-voting and motions system
  • meeting management – moderator,¬†poll management, Chat management
  • tech. support
  • phone / email reception support
  • membership and voting management
  • meeting registrations

If this sounds like an awesome task that you’d like to assist with please contact me via email.



Vince Bodnar

Ramsay Community Association
Ramsay Community Association

2102 Ramsay Street SE
Calgary T2G 4S2







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