Stampede – New (old) addition to Enmax Park

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Stampede – Historic Building Relocation to Enmax Park

Greetings Ramsayites,

Our neighbours at Calgary Stampede will be doing a bit of “fall renovation.”

FYI for those using the Ramsay Stairs over the coming weeks.

Stampede wanted to let Ramsay know that there will be some excavation followed by the pouring of a concrete slab occurring in the coming days/weeks in Enmax Park.  Location is just south of the Sweetgrass Lodge building (and north of the base of the Ramsay stair).

Following the curing of the slab, an historic building currently in Weadickville (Quirk Cabin) will be relocated to Enmax Park and fixed onto the slab.  This building location was approved as part of the original DP for Enmax Park, and is happening now because the building needs to be moved as part of the 17 Av extension project.

Stampede neighbours wanted Ramsay to be aware in case we heard any questions from members of your community.

Below, please find a bit about the Quirk Cabin and a photo.


Quirk Cabin, 1885

Quirk Cabin was built by early Alberta ranchers John and Kate Quirk. At the peak of their success, they owned 6,000 acres of land, and leased another 6,000. This cabin was likely used as temporary lodgings for cowboys working on their ranch. It was restored and donated to the Stampede by Morris A. Shortt in 1986.


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