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Current Volunteer Opportunities

January 13th, 2021
The Ramsay Community Association welcomes volunteers to help in many capacities, and we are currently seeking people to take on the following roles:
Board of Directors, Treasurer
This position requires some background in finance, or an interest in learning about that area of community association operations. You will report to the board on all things financial, ensure bills are paid, and act as a liaison for casino fundraising and yearly financial audits.
Board of Directors, Director at Large
In this position, you will apply your personal skill set in the support of RCA initiatives. You can focus your volunteering on things you are most interested in and passionate about! This position has a two-year term.
Website Development
This website needs an upgrade. We are looking for someone to put a new website together using G Suites. You will work with the Communication Committee chair on this important project.
If you would like more information about, or to volunteer for, one of the board of director roles, please email
For the website development opportunity, please contact

Have feedback about flood mitigation?

January 13th, 2021

The 2013 flood had a significant impact on Ramsay’s neighbouring communities and businesses, and the RCA has been asked for feedback. If you were affected, or have any comments regarding this initiative (see PDF below), please send an email by January 25th to:


CRCAG Flood Free Calgary – Request for letter re 2013 flood experience (individuals)