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Updates on the Guidebook for Great Communities & Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan.

July 8th, 2020

Inglewood/Ramsay City Projects Update

See below for important updates on the Guidebook for Great Communities and the Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan.

Guidebook for Great Communities

On Monday June 15, 2020, Council approved a motion to refer the Guidebook for Great Communities (Guidebook) back to the July 15 Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development (PUD) meeting, rather than proceeding to a public hearing of Council.

The presentation and discussion on July 15 will allow PUD members the opportunity to give Administration specific direction on the process forward. Based on the direction from PUD, Administration will continue work on the Guidebook.

The Guidebook report for PUD will be available tomorrow (July 9) at the link below. Members of the public can watch the PUD meeting online and may speak if desired – please note the instructions for participating: Council & Committee Agendas, Minutes and Video.


 Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan

The project team has been working on developing an updated draft of the Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan (LAP). Following the discussion and direction at PUD, the draft LAP will continue to be updated.

A draft has been shared with the Community Associations, Business Improvement Area, and Industry for their initial feedback. We expect to release an updated draft LAP to the full Ramsay and Inglewood communities in late 2020. At that time, citizens who live and work in these areas will also have the opportunity to participate in a public engagement exercise. This feedback will help further refine the LAP. The final draft LAP is scheduled to be ready in 2021, once the Guidebook is approved by Council.

Visit the project page for more information. We will update you with more details on the LAP timeline in fall 2020.

Stay informed on proposed development in Inglewood – 9th Ave.

July 8th, 2020
Learn more about the proposed development in  Inglewood – 9th Ave
Read the Background on the proposed development here :
9th Ave and surrounding commercial streets are both Inglewood and Ramsay’s Main Street.
Many Inglewood businesses are owned and operated by residents of Ramsay.  Residents of Ramsay – learn more  of the situation that our shared main street is facing.
Inglewood has initiated a Petition that has reached thousands and now has been signed by almost 15,000 , and has opened a storefront on Ninth Avenue to increase support.

Ramsay residents – feel passionately about this?

Get Informed:

Want to Take Action?

Don’t Delay 
The implications of the recommendations in the newest iteration of the Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP), including the immediate land use change submission (by developer: RNDSQR) for the second tower goes to Council on July 27, so your deadline: is July 20th

Children / Teen Coloring Books Available for Donation

July 7th, 2020

Ward 9 advises of  item that might be of interest to you folks and our organizations:


I am emailing you because I was contacted by Marilyn Bridges – a generous Calgarian that has new adult/teen colouring books and new children’s books that she would like to donate to non-profit organizations. If you are interested, please send her an email (see below). She just received a shipment of 400 new books that she wants to donate.

 I attached a sample of one book (see attachments). I have not personally flipped through each book. I have only seen images from the cover and a few images of the context, which appears at first glance to me, like any standard book you would buy at Chapters or find at a public library. Use your own discretion and ask questions to Marilyn Bridges if you have any about the books.

 **Please do not post her contact information on Facebook or any other social medium, as I do not have her permission to do so. **

 Name: Bridges, Marilyn

Please contact Marilyn directly and mention that you were referred by a contact in the Councillors’ offices if you’re interested!

Have a great day, and stay safe!

Franklin's School Treasury Franklin's School Treasury .

City of Calgary Commitment to Anti-Racism & Call to Action

July 6th, 2020

City of Calgary Commitment to Anti-Racism & Call to Action:

As part of Calgary’s commitment to anti-racism The City of Calgary is holding public consultation on systemic racism through a meeting of the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services which is scheduled to start on July 7, 2020.


Call to Action:

If you are interested in sharing your experience with members of Council (starting July 7) at this meeting, please email us at and include:

  • Your name.
  • That you would like to speak at the “Anti-Racism Public Consultation.”


Once we get your email, City Clerks will reply to tell you that we have received your request and that your name has been added to the list to speak at a specific time. If there are a number of speakers, you may not be scheduled to speak until July 8. Detailed instructions will be sent to you at least 24 hours before the start of the meeting on July 7 at 9:30 a.m.


COVID-19 Protocols:

Due to COVID-19 speakers are asked to participate remotely. The Council Chambers will also be open to individuals who voluntarily wish to participate in person, subject to COVID 19 restrictions. Numbers of people in Council Chambers will be restricted due to COVID-19. Remote participation is preferred. 


If you would like to provide your input in writing, instead of speaking at the meeting, please complete the following form.

City of Calgary Summer Programs – Free and Paid Programs Available

July 6th, 2020

Calgary Summer Programs – Free and Paid Programs Available

*Please note, all programs now require pre-registration even if they are free due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Below is information on The City’s program offerings for the summer. Please share as applicable. Calgary Neighbourhoods, Calgary Parks and Calgary Recreation are collaborating this summer to offer free programs for all ages.  To ensure a safe experience, all summer programs will require pre-registration to help maintain safe numbers, contact tracing and other measures.  Learn more at


The links provided are either Facebook ads or a direct link to the Live and Play Site, where they can find the locations and call to register.


Please see the following free programming(registration required):

Week 1

Nice 2 Metre You Tuscany – Happening July 6th-9th

Nice 2 Metre You Queensland – Happening July 6th-9th

Unplug n’ Play Tuscany – Happening July 9th

Unplug n’ Play Queensland – Happening July 9th

Explore Parks Together – Elliston Park – Happening July 9th


Week 2

Nice 2 Metre You – Ranchlands – Happening July 13- 16th

Nice 2 Metre – Bridlewood– Happening July 13th – 16th

Unplug n’ Play Ranchlands – Happening July 16th

Unplug n’ Play Bridlewood – Happening July 16th

Explore Parks Together – Elliston Park – Happening July 16th


Week 3

Nice 2 Metre You – Panorama Hills - Happening July 20th -23rd

Nice 2 Metre You – McKenzie Towne - Happening July 20th – 23rd

Unplug n’ Play Panorama Hills – Happening July 23rd

Unplug n’ Play McKenzie Towne – Happening July 23rd

LEAD – Marlborough Park - Happening July 20th – 23rd

Explore Parks Together – Elliston Park – Happening July 23rd


Week 4 

Nice 2 Metre You – Thorncliffe - Happening July 27th  – 30th

Nice 2 Metre You – Haysboro -  Happening July 27th  – 30th

Unplug n’ Play – Thorncliffe – Happening July 30th

Unplug n’ Play – Haysboro – Happening July 30th

Explore Parks Together – Elliston Park – Happening July 30th


Week 5

Nice 2 Metre You – Temple – Happening Aug 4th – 6th

Nice 2 Metre You – Skyview – Happening Aug 4th – 6th

Unplug n’ Play – Temple – Happening Aug 6th

Unplug n’ Play – Skyview – Happening Aug 6th

LEAD – Arbour Lake - Happening Aug 4th – 6th

Explore Parks Together – Confederation Park – Happening Aug 6th


Week 6 

Nice 2 Metre You – Ogden - Happening Aug 10th  – 13th

Nice 2 Metre You – Signal Hill - Happening Aug 10th  –13th

Unplug n’ Play – Ogden – Happening Aug 13th

Unplug n’ Play – Signal Hill – Happening Aug 13th

Explore Parks Together – Confederation Park – Happening Aug 13th


Week 7 

Nice 2 Metre You – Montgomery - Happening Aug 17th – 20th

Nice 2 Metre You – Spruce Cliff -  - Happening Aug 17th  – 20th

Unplug n’ Play – Montgomery – Happening Aug 20th

Unplug n’ Play – Spruce Cliff – Happening Aug 20th

LEAD – Martindale – Happening Aug 17th  – 20th

Explore Parks Together – Confederation Park – Happening Aug 20th



The City will also be hosting “drop-in” Community Nature Adventure Playgrounds. More information is available at  :



Paid Programming:

Calgary Recreation is offering paid outdoor daycamps learn more here.  To register visit: or phone 403-268-3800.


Social media promotions for programs are:





City Update on 11 Street – 21 Ave SE construction

July 3rd, 2020

Please see the following update from the City of Calgary, regarding construction on 11 Street and 21 Ave S.E


As you are likely aware, the current Green Line (ENMAX) construction work at 21 AV SE and 11 ST SE remains ongoing. As such, the current truck traffic detour route will remain in effect until this portion of the construction work is complete. Completion is targeted for July 12, 2020.  During the course of this detour, some area residents have offered feedback and observations about the detour. Resident feedback has been very constructive and is always welcomed. There have been resident concerns raised regarding upcoming Stampede fireworks displays and safety due to greater volume of people in the area (pedestrians, drivers etc.) and identification that there has been shortcutting off of the designated truck detour route. We will be installing additional signage (today) to address shortcutting and contacting the area businesses to remind them about these events and to discourage shortcutting. Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we complete this work.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the detour and please don’t hesitate to provide my contact info to any area residents or stakeholders who may also want to contact me about this detour or Green Line work in general.




Stuart Gripton, B.A., M.A.(Pl), RPP

Senior Access Planner, Stakeholder Relations

The City of Calgary, Green Line

PO Box 2100, Station M, Calgary, AB, T2P 2M5 | Mail code # 211

1.403.312.2682 1.403.268.8078 |


ISC:  Protected




Stampede Fireworks on Sunday July 12 – UPDATED: Hill Residents and Guest Access

July 2nd, 2020

UPDATE: Hill Access Road Closures start at 8:00 pm Sunday July 12 

Greetings Ramsay Residents,

Calgary Stampede will be hosting a spectacular covid-friendly fireworks event for the entire city July 12. The fireworks will be MUCH Higher than traditional grandstand show fireworks -  to facilitate city residents to see them from far-away vantage points.  Covid-rules still apply. City residents are not permitted on Stampede Park, and encouraged not to venture to inner-city communities to view fireworks. We’re  discouraging gathering, crowds, and asking people not to come to Ramsay.

Each year, Ramsay Community and a variety of other community stakeholders plan build a Stampede Parking Plan for the Community of Ramsay.  This year is no exception. Plans are already underway to manage traffic that may find its way into Ramsay for the 2020 fireworks.  Ramsay Community Association, Ward 9 team, Calgary Stampede, Calgary Roads, Calgary Parks, Community Standards (Bylaw), Calgary Parking and City of Calgary Events Teams and other stakeholders continue  working hard to ensure the July 12 event being hosted by the Calgary Stampede are well organized, coordinated, safe and that we are not in violation of social-distancing protocols.

Expect: barricades (temporary barricades, staffed and vehicle secured), enhanced Calgary Police Service and Calgary Parking Authority presence, extra clean-up crews scheduled post-event. Stampede Parking Planning Team has assess July 3 event, and made plan adjustments for the July 12 event.

Hill Residents Hill Access - Residents expecting Guests: Guests must arrive before the road closures go in place (before 8:00 pm).  Only residents will be allowed access after the roads are closed, via the two hill access points for residents:  

  1. Bellevue Ave and 12th Street
  2. Burns and Spiller Road
  • To get through the access point, hill residents will need provide proof of address.
  • Guest must provide the resident’s name and address they are visiting.  – even better if the resident meets the guest to greet them at the check point.
  • All guests must have their plates registered in the digital system or will be ticketed.
  • Access  point will only be controlled from 8:00 until 11:30.


2020-07-03 Updated personnel








Vince Bodnar

Ramsay Community Association
Ramsay Community Association

1136 8th Street SE
Calgary T2G 2Z7
A historical community in the heart of Calgary

Ramsay’s own RedPoint Media wins BIG!

June 30th, 2020

June 26, 2020

RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions a Multiple Winner at Alberta Magazine Showcase Awards

Calgary (June 26, 2020) – RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions was honoured at last night’s Alberta Magazine Publishers Association online award celebration with a total of five awards for Avenue Calgary including Alberta Magazine of the Year, two awards for WestJet Magazine and one for Leap. Across these three RedPoint publications, the company had been shortlisted for 29 awards in almost every category of this year’s Alberta Magazine Awards.In addition to being named Alberta Magazine of the Year, Avenue Calgary received a silver award in the Alberta Story category for “Looking Toward the Future of Stampede” by Taylor Lambert, and a silver for Service Journalism for “Urban Survival Guide.” In the design and art categories Avenue received a silver for Cover for the Avenue 2019 Best Neighbourhoods issue. And former Avenue intern Stephanie Joe took home the silver award for Emerging Writer for work she did with the magazine.The WestJet Magazine team took home gold in the Cover category for the July 2019 issue, and gold for Illustration for Cristian Fowlie’s work on “To the Moon” for the same issue.

The Leap magazine team received a silver for Illustration for Peter Ryan’s work for “Practicing Compassion.”

RedPoint staff photographer Jared Sych received three honourable mentions for his work in both WestJet Magazine and Avenue Calgary.

Avenue Calgary’s sister publication, Avenue Edmonton, was also among the night’s big winners with six awards include gold awards for Photograph: People and Portraiture and Feature Writing Short.

“This year marks Avenue’s 25th year in publication, so in some ways there could be no better time to receive the honour of being named Alberta Magazine of the Year,” said Pete Graves, President and CEO of RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions. “While our publications and the communities they celebrate face many hurdles right now, these awards recognize our commitment to quality and to our clients’ ongoing success.”

Avenue Calgary editor-in-chief Käthe Lemon said: “We were truly honoured to have our work recognized by AMPA and we also want to congratulate all the other winners. Together we can grow the eco-system of strong local storytelling and publishing.”

For a full list of winners and more information, visit

# # #

RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions is a publishing house and creative agency offering industry-leading print and digital services that engage, inform and inspire. With roots dating back to 1994, we are today one of the largest and most celebrated independent publishing and marketing companies in Western Canada.

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Käthe Lemon | Editor-in-Chief, Avenue
RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions.

Copyright © 2020 RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because of your relationship with RedPoint Media & Marketing SolutionsOur mailing address is:

RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions

100 1900 – 11th St. SE  Calgary, T2G 3G2 Canada

Calgary Stampede announcement: 2 late nights fireworks displays for 2020 Stampede Season

June 30th, 2020

Greetings Ramsay Residents,

Stampede is canceled for 2020, Right?

Yes, the Calgary Stampede is cancelled for 2020, but Covid can’t dampen Calgary’s Stampede Spirit!  Calgary Stampede will be hosting a spectacular covid-friendly fireworks event for the entire city July and July 12. The fireworks will be MUCH Higher that the traditional grandstand show fireworks, to facilitate city residents to see them from far-away vantage points. (see News Story here) 

This means that Covid-rules still apply. City residents are not permitted on Stampede Park, and encouraged not to venture to inner-city communities to view fireworks.

Each year, Ramsay Community, Calgary Stampede, Calgary Parking Authority, Calgary Roads,  Ward 9 and a variety of other community stakeholders plan build a Stampede Parking Plan for the community of Ramsay.  This year is no exception. Plans are already underway to manage any potential traffic that may find its way into Ramsay for the 2020 fireworks.

cadaday fireworks

We wish everyone in Ramsay a safe and Happy Canada Day,  and enjoy our COVID-Respectful VIP viewing of the Stampede fireworks 11 pm on July 3 and 12th.


Vince Bodnar
Ramsay Community Association
Ramsay Community Association

1136 8th Street SE
Calgary T2G 2Z7


City of Calgary – FREE programs for all ages and stages, Learn more!

June 30th, 2020

Calgary Neighbourhoods, Calgary Parks and Calgary Recreation are collaborating this summer to offer free programs for all ages and stages, Learn more at

 As part of the safety protocol programs will be registered this summer, even the free ones, to help us maintain safe numbers, contact tracing and other measures to provide a safe experience.  Registration is set to go live on Thursday June 25 on and at 830 by phone at 403-268-3800.

 In addition to the free registered programs go to to see where the community natural adventure playground will be. This is a play space you can visit.

 And Calgary Recreation is also pleased to launch paid outdoor daycamps learn more here, registration also starts the morning of Thursday June 25 on and at 830 by phone at 403-268-3800.

City of Calgary – Free Summer Programs 2020

City of Calgary social media links:


coc summer free