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Public welcome

Ramsay Rink is open all year for the public to enjoy.

We have two ice surfaces — the main covered ice and a smaller pleasure rink on the field.

The main covered surface is open to the public to play sports such as ball hockey and lacrosse.

The covered rink surface is available for public rentals

We rent the covered rink surface throughout the year for a variety of private events. The fee ( $70/hour including GST or $100/1.5 hours including GST) gets your group exclusive use of the rink, access to the washrooms/change area and use of the overhead lights (if required for evening rentals).

All rentals are posted on the Ramsay recreation calendar on this page and on the message board at our skate shack.

Our facility is entirely run by volunteers and the rental fees that we collect help offset some of the operating and upkeep costs at our facility.

Our volunteers appreciate your help clearing snow

Our ice surface is maintained entirely by volunteers from the Ramsay community. Please do your part and help to clear the ice of snow after you use the rink. Scrapers and shovels are supplied for you to use. Please do NOT shovel snow directly outside our main entrance gate — shovel it over the boards through the chainlink (otherwise we won’t be able to get our ice maintenance equipment inside to do our work).

Our volunteers work hard to make Ramsay Rink a fun and friendly facility. Your respect of the facility is appreciated.

Donations accepted

Our facility is maintained and operated by the Ramsay Community Association. We rely on funding and donation to assist with upkeep at our facility. We have plans to replace the hard surface and boards to enhance the ice quality in winter and offer an excellent summer surface for lacrosse, ball hockey, bike polo and more. We have a trust fund set up to accept donations toward that improvement project. Contact recreation@ramsaycalgary.ca for more information.

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