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Archive of Ramsay Rink Redevelopment Articles in the Newsletter

NewsletterMay2005.pdf  Cover of May 05 newsletter announcing information on rink project at May3 GM

NewsletterJune2005.pdf#page=9 June 05 newsletter asking for volunteers and ideas for the rink project

RCA_Newsletter_2005-12_scrn.pdf December 05 cover of newsletter asking "What Should we do with the Ramsay Rink." inviting discussion at Dec 05 GM

RCA_Newsletter_2006-01_scrn.pdf#page=5 Jan 05 newsletter with 8 scenarios asking "what does the community want", asks for input and invites to discussion at Feb 05 GM

RCA_Newsletter_2006-03_scrn.pdf#page=3 Mar 05 newsletter with update from Feb 05 GM and survey for peoples opinion.

RCA_Newsletter_2006-11_scrn.pdf#page=11 Nov 06 newsletter with the community skating and hockey schedule, showing times blocked out for community users.

RCA_Newsletter_2006-12_scrn.pdf#page=6 Dec 06 newsletter with Rink Re-Development Project update.

RCA_Newsletter_2006-12_scrn.pdf#page=7 Dec 06 newsletter with Rink operational update and community use schedule

RCA_Newsletter_2007-02_scrn.pdf#page=7 Feb 07 Rink update

RCA_Newsletter_2007-03_scrn.pdf#page=7 Mar 07 Rink update

RCA_Newsletter_2007-03_scrn.pdf#page=9 Mar 07 Rink Redevelopment call for volunteers

RCA_Newsletter_2007-11_scrn.pdf#page=5 Nov 07 article showing all the committees including the Rink Redevelopment committee

RCA_Newsletter_2007-11_scrn.pdf#page=8 Nov 07 Rink Redevelopment update

RCA_Newsletter_2007-12_scrn.pdf#page=13 Dec 07 Rink Update and Community Schedule (states rentals will not interfere with Community time slots.

RCA_Newsletter_2008-10_scrn.pdf#page=3 Oct 08 President's Message saying there will be an upcoming announcement from the Rink Redevelopment committee re Phase  1

RCA_Newsletter_2008-10_scrn.pdf#page=13 Oct 08 Rink Redevelopment Update re Phase 1 and call for input into Phase 2

RCA_Newsletter_2008-11_scrn.pdf#page=12 Nov 08 Rink Redevelopment Update re Phase 1 funding and Phase 2,3 scheduling.

RCA_Newsletter_2008-12_scrn.pdf#page=5 Dec 08 Rink Redevelopment Update re Timing Issues

RCA_Newsletter_2009-02_scrn.pdf#page=4 Feb 09 Rink Redevelopment Q & A page 1

RCA_Newsletter_2009-02_scrn.pdf#page=5 Feb 09 Rink Redevelopment Q & A page 2

RCA_Newsletter_2009-02_scrn.pdf#page=8 Feb 09 Rink information article

RCA_Newsletter_2009-03_scrn.pdf#page=5 Mar 09 Ramsay Rink Information Session (Open House) Notice

RCA_Newsletter_2009-04_scrn.pdf#page=5 Apr 09 Rink Open House Report

RCA_Newsletter_2009-04_scrn.pdf#page=7 Apr 09 Traffic Report outlines Rink Traffic collection plans

RCA_Newsletter_2009-05_scrn.pdf#page=5 May 09 Rink Redevelopment Update with feedback data

RCA_Newsletter_2009-05_scrn.pdf#page=11 May 09 Traffic Report re baseline data for rink

RCA_Newsletter_2009-06_scrn.pdf#page=3 June 09 President's Report reporting on misinformation and asking people to go to the website to look at the plans

RCA_Newsletter_2009-06_scrn.pdf#page=5 June 09 Website news asking people to read the Rink information posted on the website

RCA_Newsletter_2009-06_scrn.pdf#page=7 June 09 Rink Redevelopment Update

RCA_Newsletter_2009-07_scrn.pdf#page=3 July 09 President's Report that business plan work will continue over the summer and to check the information on the rink on the website

RCA_Newsletter_2009-07_scrn.pdf#page=9 July 09 Rink Redevelopment FAQ's

RCA_Newsletter_2009-09_scrn.pdf#page=3 Sept 09 President's Report reminding that for correct information about the rink please consult the website

RCA_Newsletter_2009-09_scrn.pdf#page=5 Sept 09 Rink Redevelopment Update re funding

RCA_Newsletter_2009-11_scrn.pdf#page=15 Comments on the Rink by Inglewood's Sports Chair

RCA_Newsletter_2009-12_scrn.pdf#page=7 Skating Season is Coming

RCA_Newsletter_2010-02_scrn.pdf#page=10 Survey Results from Dec 2009 Rink Open House


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