Winterfest 2012 Highlights, part 2 of 2

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More highlights from this year’s Ramsay Winterfest. You can also view Part 1.

Chasing Rockets

“Fire in the hole!” shouted the kids as Scouter Rick used science to make magic on his Rocket Table.

Who’s going to catch the rocket?

Chasing Rockets


Sundae Tasty Sundae

“Let me get this straight. I can put whatever I want on my sundae? Yes, please!

My Sundae


On The Ice

The pleasure rink was the place to be for families and ice sculptures.

Putting on the Skates

On the Ice

Ice Sculptures


The Game

The brave and loyal Ramsay team did their best to vanquish our neighbours from Inglewood. There’s always next year.

Ramsay Team

Ball Hockey Action


A Mighty Thanks

The recreation committee made a valiant effort to keep the ice in shape between the endless Chinooks this winter. To make the rink safe for our “Chinook Shinny” with Inglewood, a team of volunteers took on the disheartening task of getting rid of the ice on the rink.

Thanks to Josep, Maurice, Levi, Liam, Jesse, Ian, Willem and Ben for sacrificing homework time to help out. Shannon, Allison, Marc, Alison, Dave, and Caroline salted, smashed, and supervised.

Winterfest 2012 was awesome. See you next year!

I heart Ramsay


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