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4th Annual Ramsay Garage Sale Parade

April 21st, 2012

April 22nd, 2012
9:00am – 3:00pm

download the pdf version to print and take with you. 2012 Ramsay Garage Sale Parade Map

Happy Garage Sale’n!

Air Your Concerns About CP Rail!

April 20th, 2012

City of Calgary Alyth Yard and surrounding areas study is in phase 1, community concerns.

The purpose of this workbook is to help the consulting team identify specific community concerns and tap into community knowledge about industrial and residential land use issues in the area.

The information collected during the study will help the consulting team to:

  • design a monitoring program that will collect quantitative data about air quality, noise and vibration during phase 2 of the study;
  • document the impact of local industrial operations on nearby residents;and
  • use community input to identify potential mitigation measures.

Please share your views and experiences with us by filling out this workbook. please be sure to mark where you live on the attached maps or fill in the space at the bottom of the map to let us know where you live, this information will be important to us when summarizing the results.

Send the completed forms to:

Liisa Tipman
Brown & Associates Planning Group
fax: 403.262.4480
mail: suite 600, 940-6th ave sw, Calgary, AB, T2P 3T1

Alyth Yards Surrounding Areas Study 04 2012

Volunteers: Count Yourself In!

April 20th, 2012

Celebrate your volunteers by counting their hours during National Volunteer Week: April 15 – 21.

 National Volunteer Week is here! And now is the time to COUNT YOURSELVES IN! Volunteers Count! collects volunteer hours contributed during NVW, and the stories that accompany them, from volunteers and organizations. Visit the Volunteers Count! webpage this week to record hours and stories in order to help Volunteer Alberta capture a snapshot of volunteering activities across Alberta. 

 Don’t miss your opportunity to win some great prizes! Everyone who records the hours spent volunteering will be entered into a draw for:

  • •1st prize: $500 to a nonprofit organization of their choice
  • 2nd prize: $250 to a nonprofit organization of their choice
  • 3rd prize: Registration to Vitalize 2012 in Calgary, June 7-9, 2012

For more information visit spread the word to volunteers in your community so they can also…. COUNT THEMSELVES IN! You can use the following messages to share this opportunity through Facebook or Twitter:

Facebook: Help Volunteer Alberta capture a snapshot of volunteerism activities in the province by recording your volunteer hours, and stories that accompany them, with Volunteers Count! during National Volunteer Week at    

Twitter: #AB volunteers – record your volunteer hours and tell @volunteerab your story during #NVW with Volunteers Count!

Happy counting!

If you have any questions about Volunteers Count, please contact

Sam Kriviak, Volunteer Alberta Project Coordinator:
(780) 482-3300 ext. 225.

Community Garden Fence Design Competition!

April 16th, 2012

Put on your creative hats and come up with some ideas for submission. We are looking for some out of the box thinking and designs for the fencing located at the community garden in Ramsay Park near the Tennis courts. If you are unsure of the garden location please contact the email below.

Open: April 15
Closed: May 5

Design requirements:
– Rabbit proof
– Aesthetically pleasing
– Cost effective
– Made of mostly recycled materials
– Durable, this is to be a permanent type fence
– Can be installed by hand
– 250 linear feet with 2 gates: one on the east end and one the southwest side.
– The fence will abut chain link fence of the tennis courts.

Please provide 1 e-copy and one paper copy of your proposal.

No fee will be paid to the winning design, but you will receive much glamour.

Once the winning design has been chosen and approved by the City of Calgary Parks department, you will not be required to install the fence (but you are more than welcome to pitch-in), but may be required for advice.

Please contact with any questions.

All Candidate Debate

April 5th, 2012

Ramsay is now in a new electoral district, Calgary – Fort, and that means we have new fresh faces to get to know before we go to the polls on April 23rd.

Inglewood will be hosting an All Candidates Debate on April 12th at 7:00pm in the Inglewood Hall and all of Ramsay is invited to join in.

All Candidates Debate
Inglewood Hall
April 12th

See you there.

Open House regarding Alyth Yards

April 3rd, 2012

We have received this communication from Inglewood president, Bill Bakelaar, in regards to the noise, pollution and vibrations that have been coming from Alyth rail yards.

For two years, unreasonable amounts of noise, pollution and vibrations have been coming from Alyth rail yards. Affected neighbors in surrounding communities have been have been frustrated in their attempts to negotiate with CP Rail for some mitigation of the situation. Now with the long awaited advent of the City instigated study into the situation, Inglewood, Ramsay, and the escarpment areas of Albert Park, Southview, Ogden and West Dover have the opportunity to let their voices be heard. The consultants engaged to devise a solution need to hear from those affected neighbors to shape their research during the study.

On April 17, a Town Hall meeting at the Inglewood Community Hall has been organized to bring together impacted residents with the consultants to tell their story. A brief history of the issue and study will be provided but the bulk of the time will be spent in break out groups to inform the researchers how the rail expansion has affected them. This data will be used in turn to shape the monitoring program and potential mitigates and solutions.

It is absolutely critical that this opportunity to frame the research be seized – this may our last chance to participate in a solution at a public level. For anyone who has lost sleep, been unable to enjoy quiet summer evenings in their gardens, been forced to keep their windows closed to screen out the din or is tired of being blasted with diesel exhaust – this is your time to speak up! We know how many people have given up complaining after the prolonged period of inaction by CP Rail but this is your chance. The consulting group has been engaged to do nothing but listen to your concerns, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Please mark this date on your calendars and encourage your neighbors to come out to 1740 24th Avenue SE at 7:00 Tuesday, April 17.

Yours truly,

Bill Bakelaar, President – ICA

Don’t Forget the New Urban Open House!

April 1st, 2012

New Urban has invited everyone to visit their new office on Monday April 2nd for an Open House.

You can find the New Urban office just down the path from Caffe Rosso.

See everyone there.

New Urban Office
150-803 24th Ave. SE
Monday April 2nd

kevin cunningham
president, rca