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The rink liner is in and the ice-making has started!

December 13th, 2012

Luc floods the rink

It was a spectacular effort by a group of about 15 Ramsay volunteers on Tuesday night at Ramsay Rink. The long-awaited rink liner was delivered earlier in the day and we weren’t sure what it would take to maneuver  this huge bundle into the rink. It took about 10 of us to lift and carry the liner. Once placed in the centre of the rink, the entire group started working to unfold the giant 185′ x 85′ piece of vinyl. We enthusiastically began moving the liner into place…only to learn that it was too small! Plan B  — we’d visit the neighbourhood Rona and ask for large pieces of vinyl that had been used to wrap pallets of lumber. Upcycling in action!

Volunteers come back out Wednesday night and stapled, layered and then taped the Rona vinyl panels in to place so that they wrapped up the boards to form a “bowl” inside the rink boards. Once everything was in place we immediately began flooding! It will be about two weeks before we have the ice surface finished, but after the first flood we’re happy to report that the water appears to be contained and it looks as though we are on our way to having greatly improved ice quality this season!