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Tell Avenue Magazine that Ramsay is the Best Neighbourhood

February 7th, 2013

It’s that time once again: Avenue Magazine’s annual Best Neighbourhoods Survey.

Disagree with this year’s results? Want to make sure that your neighbourhood is included in the results for 2013?

Determining a best neighbourhood comes down to the people who live there.

Avenue’s annual Best Neighbourhoods results start with a survey that asks Calgarians about what is most valuable in a neighbourhood. Are safety and large yards important to you? Do you want to live close to downtown? Which amenities do you care most about? Your opinion on those factors helps us determine the definition of “best.”

We take that criteria, as well as information on crime statistics, property value, access to amenities and more, and give that information to our partners at Leger Marketing. They crunch the numbers and rank Calgary’s best neighbourhoods.

Have your say in Avenue’s 2013 Best Neighbourhoods.


The survey closes on February 28 2013.