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Teen Group in Inglewood and Ramsay

February 28th, 2013

We received this note from Inglewood’s Cheryl Myers:

A few Inglewood residents got together to discuss a Teen Club. The idea is Inglewood and Ramsay teens have a night at the Skate Shack designated just for teens. It would be open for anyone living in either of these communities that are in grades 7 to grade 12. We spoke with the Inglewood Board of Directors and Hall Manager who got behind this idea, and will make space and some funds (OK the word funds might be stretching it) available for this club on Saturday nights.


Back in the 1990’s there was a really active group of teens in Inglewood. Dave Marshall and Bob Coburn were just two of the adults that helped to make this happen. During this time the teens ran the concession at the shack as a way to fund their group and did talent nights and bottle drives to help raise funds. Another… tradition in Inglewood was Monica Reid’s work in having the youth support the haunted house event at the Halloween Party.


So before we go any further, we need to talk with you guys, “The Teens”. There is no sense in a bunch of adults thinking this is a great idea if the teens don’t. As well, it isn’t an adult night, it will be a teen night, so we need teens to help build and develop what this club will be. The idea is that the Teen Club will be a year round event, not just when the ice is on.


If you are in grades 7 to grade 12, living in Inglewood or Ramsay, then please join us on Saturday March 2 at 7 pm at the Inglewood Skate Shack to share your ideas and suggestions that will shape the Teen Club and make it yours!


If you need more incentive, we will have free pizza and pop.


If you have questions, please call Suzanne 403.265.4655 or Cheryl 403.208.8397