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Explosion on Monday September 16th

September 18th, 2013

– Explanation from Chief Burrell’s Office –

Alderman Carra,

In regard to your request in regard to the report of an explosion on Monday, I have some information on behalf of Chief Burrell.

On Monday, September 18 at 15:11 hours the Calgary Fire Department received a call reporting a sound of an explosion. The caller was a resident of Scotsman’s Hill (who claimed that he was advised by CPS to call dispatch if he heard anything strange in the area). The caller believed there were explosions emanating from the Lilydale Poultry Plant. CFD dispatched a response for an explosion and discovered en route through CPS dispatch that the sounds were likely to be from 31 Avenue and 10 street SE where Transalta was working on Enmax power lines. For the sake of due diligence, Fire proceeded with lights and sirens to both addresses.

While responding, Fire confirmed with Enmax the exact location of the site and discovered Transalta’s work involved detonations. Transalta was fusing lines together with charges that created an implosion by way of an aluminum conductor wrapped in wires that formed an instant weld on high tension lines. Prior to the charge being set off a siren was sounded three times to clear the area. CFD learned there were numerous implosions that day and Transalta had a permit and the work is typical for Transalta. It was established at the same time there was no problem at Lilydale. The PSC was updated on the work and Fire cleared from the call at both locations once it was established there had not been an explosion.

We had no prior knowledge of the work and the resultant detonations occurring . In the future we will be working with Transalta and our Public Safety Communications to bridge this gap . We will be suggesting to the parties they should notify the public before such work.

Thank you,

Brian McAsey

Assistant Deputy Chief, Executive Office

Fire Department