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Dominion Bridge development

December 11th, 2013

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Many of the Ramsay residents I’ve spoken to over the last week were not able to make it out last Wednesday to the Dominion Bridge event that New Urban put together at the hall. I contacted New Urban to see about more information that folks could get. I was very pleased that all the information at the Wednesday event is available online.

“We definitely want to share the project with as many Ramsay residents as possible! For sure you can link our website to yours, and also put a link to our online collaborative program called MindMixer. I have posted all the presentation boards on there and people can also respond and make suggestions. The address is”

Otherwise they can get a hold of us through many other means:




(Participate in ongoing online conversations, submit your ideas and receive up-to-date information on the progress of the development)



To receive regular updates on the project, please send your contact information to Lori Van Rooijen at

Thank you to everyone, please make sure to give New Urban feedback.

NOTIFICATION – Fire Drill – Lilydale Calgary Facility

December 11th, 2013

a message from our ward 9 office:

Please be advised that a fire drill will be conducted at the Lilydale Facility in Ramsay on Thursday, December 12th from 10-11AM. In preparation for the fire drill, we have notified the Calgary Fire Department (Non-Emergency Line). We also wanted to advise Councilor Carra’s office in the event you receive any inquiries from community members.

Ramsay Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan

December 2nd, 2013


We have all worked hard on this project and now we have it compiled and put together in this fantastic plan. Thank you to all the committee members and the residents that came out to the workshops. We should be proud of this living document.

please download the document or view it online here:

Ramsay SNAP Oct 2013-lowres

Ramsay Historical Context Paper

December 1st, 2013


Marilyn Williams along with the Ramsay Heritage Committee and Ramsay residents worked together in 2012 to created a Ramsay Historical Context Paper. The final draft was completed in October and we have gotten permission to post it on our website. This is a fantastic paper, Marilyn has done an incredible job capturing vast amounts of Ramsay History, I recommend this read to anyone and everyone.


Ramsay historical context paper mjw