Update on the Walking Path by the Elbow

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Update from Cyril Jensen, VP External:

On Friday Novemer 28, I had a conversation with City of Calgary Parks department about the walking path behind the Stampede building down by the Elbow River.

The Problem

The path behind the Stampede building is not being maintained. Ice from the building is falling on the path.

The emergency access gate on the consutrction site fence is locked.

The Response from City of Calgary Parks

Path Maintenance

Both Parks and the Stampede agreed that the path needs better maintainance during the winter months, particularly behind the the Stampede building.

Parks has indicated they will work with Stampede towards keeping the paths cleared and safe.


The fences are currently locked as per Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) rules. They are closed off to keep the construction site secured.

Due to the construction of the new pathway along the river, the East Pathway was opened temporarily until construction is completed.

There were two options: close the path completely while construction is happening, or open the path while keeping the fences locked.

Parks chose to open the path while keeping the fences locked as per OH&S rules.


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