Update on the Seniors Centre Demolition

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Here’s the latest information about the Seniors Centre demolition from Denver Brust, VP Internal:

I heard that part of the Ramsay Community Hall is being demolished? What’s going on?

The Ramsay Community Hall is made up of two parts:

  • The Main Hall
  • The Seniors Centre

Ramsay Community Hall

The Main Hall is NOT being demolished.

The Seniors Centre is being demolished.

Why is the Seniors Centre being demolished?

  • The Seniors Centre is not safe to use anymore.
    • The building structure is damaged.
    • The entire building is full of asbestos.
  • It would cost too much money to repair it.

But wait. I thought the Community Association had money in the bank. Why not spend money on the Seniors Centre?

The estimate for reparing the Seniors Centre was between 545,000 and 1 million dollars, with the understanding that the cost would go up significantly once the work had started. The reason the cost is so high is that you need to clean out all the asbestos very carefully before you can fix anything.

The Ramsay Community Association doesn’t have that kind of money.

Ok, fine. Why isn’t the City paying for this?

The RCA Board met with the City to discuss funding. The Hall is on City property and is leased from the City.

We talked about the age of the building, the way the building is being used, and future community needs.

Given the risk, the high estimate and the age of the building, the City didn’t want to invest in expensive repairs to the Seniors Centre.

In the end, the City agreed to pay for the safe demolition of the Seniors Centre.

The City also agreed to work with the RCA to discuss what will replace both the Main Hall and the Seniors Centre.

Where are the seniors meeting now?

The members of the Seniors Centre meet in the lower Main Hall for the time being.

I still don’t like this situation.

You can look at it this way: right now the Seniors Centre is empty, unsafe and condemned.

After demolition, we will be one step closer to having a new development to replace the Hall.

This new development will include the needs of our seniors in the community.

Alright, I guess. What’s going to happen next?

The seniors’ property has been moved out of the Seniors Centre.

City engineers are preparing the building for demolition.

There might be some minor traffic disruptions on 8th St SE when the demolition work starts. We will notify affected neighbours when the time comes.

We are continuing talks with the City about the future development of the Hall. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Denver Brust at vpinternal@ramsaycalgary.ca


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