Update re: Proposed New Playground

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Engagement Opportunity: Feedback requested

We continue to explore the possibility of building a fenced-in playground within the off-leash dog park at MacDonald Avenue and Bellevue Avenue. As part of the process, the City requires us to complete a Site-Line Survey where we contact all residents adjacent to the proposed site and record their support or objection to the project. We were out on 2 occasions in September to speak with these neighbours, specifically those along:

1) MacDonald Ave

2) along Bellevue Ave between MacDonald Ave and 17 St

3) along the stretch of Salisbury Ave from Bellevue Ave to the bluff (i.e. we did not go south along Salisbury).

We met and spoke with neighbours in roughly half of the residences in the area and almost everyone we spoke with was in support of the proposal. If you were not home when we came by, please contact us to set-up a mutually convenient time for us to come by with the survey. The Site-Line Survey can also be filled-out at the October 2nd AGM.

For everyone else in the community, we lack the resources to go door-to-door for the entire neighbourhood. A survey for the rest of the community can be filled-out at the AGM on October 2nd. If you are unable to attend the AGM and want to sign the survey, please contact us and we will sort out a way for you to sign the survey.

We can be reached at jefferiesparkcommittee@gmail.com. Please note that both the Site-Line survey and general community survey will be open until October 9th.


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