Merchant of the Month: Bite

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This month’s feature merchant is Bite Grocer & Eatery. Bite offers Ramsay Community Association Members 5% off all purchases. It is located at 1023 9 Ave SE.

How long have you been in the neighbourhood?

Bite’s history is rooted on 9th Avenue since the early 2000’s when we began as a small Italian specialty store. In 2014 Bite evolved and took advantage of moving into the much anticipated development of the Atlantic Arts Block Building. This enabled us to offer a more dynamic, everyday grocery and café experience. Bite has continued to adapt and progress with the neighborhood, serving Calgarians and families who are growing roots in Ramsay and Inglewood.

What do you like about being a merchant here?

We like being a merchant in the neighborhoods of Inglewood and Ramsay because of the strong sense of community and grassroots spirit!

What makes your business unique?

Our business is unique in that we are one of the last local, independently owned and operated grocers in Calgary and the only one in the Ramsay/Inglewood area. We source produce and meat from local farms, including Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms, The Basil Ranch, Zebroffs Organic Farm, Mountainview Poultry, City Fish – Oceanwise Seafood, and Valbella Meats.

What do you want customers to know about you and your business?

​We would like our customers to know that we value our community and we work hard everyday to support local vendors and craftspeople, and to create good jobs.

The “Merchant of Month” features a local Ramsay/Inglewood business that is part of our Merchant Discount Program.  If you have a local business and would like to be featured please email This post was written by Teresa Smith, RCA’s Membership Committee Chair.


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