President’s Update March 2021

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Greetings Ramsay, 

Spring has finally arrived! Here are some highlights from Q1 2021:

Vision, Mission & Values – 

I’m excited to share that the Board of Directors recently refined our organizational Vision, Mission, and Values by taking contributions from the past and pairing them with present and future goals. Establishing clear values has been an immense help in guiding RCA’s decisions and conduct. Read them here.

Planning and Development – 

As a community that celebrates its diversity, inclusivity plays a large role in how we communicate, engage, and represent the association. 

If you’ve been following the Guidebook for Great Communities and the Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan Draft (LAP), you may be curious where the RCA stands. In short, we stand with our values: 

“We advocate on behalf of the community, staying apprised of local issues and historic context, understanding residents’ views of change as well as the impacts of change on the community. We work with appropriate regulatory and government organizations in a positive and respectful way to ensure that the proposed change has a neutral or positive impact in the community” 

As such the RCA remains engaged in the progress of the Guidebook, and in preparation of either outcome, we recently submitted line-by-line feedback of the LAP Draft to our Councillor and Administration. 

I’d like to thank all community members who have shared their feedback, both in support and opposition of these documents, through our Vice President External and RCA Planning Committee Chair Erin Joslin, the City’s public engagement sessions and those who spoke at City Council last week. We hear you and appreciate your contribution. 

We will continue to post the latest updates on the RCA website and at our monthly virtual General Meetings. And of course, at any time, feel free to reach out to Erin Joslin or myself.

Contact information can be found in our bios.

Finance – 

While COVID-19 guidelines continue to limit certain revenue opportunities, the RCA is keeping expenses to a minimum and focusing on the appropriate grants to meet our goals. 

Our main sources of revenue in Q1 included proceeds from the Casino held in October 2020, a grant awarded by BILD Calgary Region, and membership sales. Our main expenses included our annual facility insurance renewal, financial audit, utilities and ice equipment servicing. With the Casino numbers finally confirmed, the Finance Committee is updating projected financials for the remainder of the year. 

The Treasurer position is currently vacant, and I’ve taken on its duties in the interim. 

If you have experience in finance and/or accounting and are interested in what this volunteer position looks like, I’d love to chat.  

Recreation – 

As we close out winter, on behalf of the RCA, I want to extend another sincere thanks to our Rink Crew for the amazing ice this season and to our Recreation Committee for piloting cross country ski tracks in the fields and setting up virtual tastings with our local breweries to keep neighbours connected during COVID-19. Even the vintage Ramsay Bingo machine has made an appearance! 

I often refer to this winter season as the happy little accident. Covid guidelines coupled with the tough decision not to flood the undercover rink resulted in one of the most creative and participative seasons I’ve experienced in years. What we’ve seen and heard from residents over the past year will help shape the long-term vision of the facility.

Moving into Spring, the Rec Committee has some fun and COVID-friendly initiatives lined up including outdoor yoga, the bike skills park and pickleball in the undercover rink, and tennis lessons at the courts. Kids’ sports such as soccer and t-ball are currently under review as we assess volunteer resources and feasibility with current guidelines. 

The Garden Committee has kicked off their season by taking in valuable feedback from previous plot renters and building out a budget to help shape a plan for short-and-long-term upgrades. Applications to rent a Garden plot for 2021 are now open: RCA Community Garden Application

And alas, in the spirit of change, our incredible Rec Committee Chair, Christa White, is moving. While I tried to convince her that she could run the show remotely, she and her partner will be busy enhancing a lucky community in Houston. Huge thanks to Christa, for taking on Recreation with such positivity, during a pandemic, and demonstrating just how much can be accomplished with so few resources. 

If you’re up for learning more about the Recreation Chair position, or maybe want to co-chair with a friend, please reach out.  

In closing-

I’m already well over a word count that would hold even my own attention. If you made it this far, thank you☺ 


Nicole Battistella 


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