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11 St and 17 SE Construction Update

April 25th, 2021

ENMAX is continuing the relocation of electrical infrastructure to accommodate The City of Calgary’s future Green Line LRT route.

Please expect the following impacts to traffic and cyclists:

  • Week of April 26: Temporary lane and multi-use pathway (MUP) closure along 11 Street S.E., south of 17 Avenue S.E. Please follow road signage /detours in place.
  • Access to all commercial and residential buildings will be maintained.

For more information, please visit Green Line construction updates.

High School and K-6 Info for Ramsay Residents

April 25th, 2021

Part of the role of the RCA is to create awareness and facilitate participation in community issues that could have an impact.  

Back in March, community member Vanessa Porteous joined our General Meeting to speak about ways in which interested Ramsay residents could get informed and engaged in the CBE High School re-designation survey. Here is a follow-up note from Vanessa:

This week, CBE released results from the High School re-designation survey. Inglewood and Ramsay families participated in large numbers relative to many other neighbourhoods. Thank you to everyone who helped get the word out about this important question, including the Ramsay Community Association, and good on us for ensuring our voices are heard. 

Check out the results regarding Forest Lawn High School starting on p.77 and re Western Canada High School starting on p.175.
The CBE has said they will announce the way forward either in June or September.

Vanessa also invites you to an information session about the proposed new K-6 curriculum, on Thursday April 29, 6pm — 7:30pm, on Microsoft Teams
Here is her message:

The province of Alberta has released its proposed new curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 6. They are seeking feedback from all Albertans. The proposed curriculum is intended to go into effect in the fall of 2022.

A new curriculum would affect the next generation of Albertans and influence many aspects of life in Alberta into the future. It will matter to all of us. What do we know about what it contains, what has gone into its development, and how is it different from what we have now? There’s a lot of info and opinion out there. Let’s hear from a few experts in the field, so we can come to an informed response.

The meeting will feature a Q and A with:

Dr Carla L Peck, Professor in the Department of Elementary Education at the University of Alberta. Dr Peck has made frequent appearances on podcasts, radio, and in print on the subject of the proposed curriculum, and has published in depth analysis on her own professional blog. Dr Peck will address the content and methodology of the proposed curriculum.

Dr. Mark D. Swanson, Coordinator, Professional Development, Alberta Teachers’ Association. Dr Swanson has been a teacher and principal in both the public and separate school systems, has worked for Alberta Education, and is a former Dean of Education at Concordia University, Edmonton. Dr Swanson will share preliminary results from a survey of Alberta teachers held between March 29 and April 7, 2021.

A third guest from our community will lead a deeper dive into one subject area of the proposed curriculum to give us a sense of it up close.

If you are not a Ramsay School parent, please RSVP to by Wednesday April 28 at 6pm to receive a link to the meeting. Note: This non-partisan information session is not officially hosted by Ramsay School or School Council and does not represent views of Ramsay School.

Merchant of the Month: High Line Brewery

April 25th, 2021

High Line Brewery is celebrating 5 years in Inglewood this year! They offer Ramsay and Inglewood Community Association Members 10% off all purchases. Check them out at #113, 1318 9 Ave SE.

How long has your business been in the neighbourhood?

We signed our lease in early 2016 and were up and running in November 2016.  This year will be five years, which we cannot believe!  Keep an eye out for our birthday celebration in mid-November.  We always bring in a limited number of birthday glasses!

What brought you to Inglewood/ Ramsay in the first place?

Of the four owners, three originally lived in Inglewood so it was a natural fit for us.  We also have always loved the town within a city feel of Inglewood, especially the old brick buildings.  There’s such an amazing history here, and we wanted to add to it however we could.

What do you like about being a merchant here?

Inglewood is home to the original brewery flats, and we were the first craft brewery to bring beer back to Inglewood.  The community and culture here is so much fun, we love the local support and are so happy to have converted our 1950’s building into a fun space for all.

What makes your business unique?

With more and more breweries opening in Calgary, being unique is even more important than it’s ever been. We have recently expanded, transforming our little tasting room into a 110 seat venue!  We now have a full restaurant serving unique hot dogs, as well as a full cocktail and wine list.  There’s something for everyone in the new space!  As far as events go, there’s not much planned right now, but as restrictions lift, we hope that we are able to turn HLB into a social hub, bringing back our drag shows and adding live music, DJ’s, trivia and movie nights along with a secret evening with a special focus (stay tuned…)

What do you want customers to know about you and your business?

We have always prided ourselves in being open and welcoming to all, and it has always been the cornerstone of our brewery.  Everyone that works here at HLB is incredibly proud of what we bring to the community as well as the beer we make.  Swing by and get to know us and our beer. Our doors are open!

Written by Teresa Smith, Chair of the Memberships Committee

New Bicycle Pump Track in Inglewood

April 25th, 2021

Parks Foundation, in partnership with the City of Calgary, are proposing to build a new Bicycle Pump Track in the community of Inglewood.

The funds available for this project are a result of stimulus funding from the province. That funding is only available if construction can be done in 2021. 

The City of Calgary is seeking your input on improving the user experience at this location by learning about features that will allow for enhanced use of the adjacent lands to the track area. If you wish to provide feedback, please click this link:
The track is scheduled for construction in the summer of this year and ready for use in the fall. Remaining work to complete full park site is in development planning process and feedback from you. 

Ramsay Inclusive Playground Update

April 25th, 2021

After all of the hard work in planning and fundraising, the Ramsay Inclusive Playground is ready to be built! We are thrilled to see this dream of a community gathering space finally become a reality thanks to the dedication and support from all of our partners and funders including Parks Foundation, Variety Alberta, The City of Calgary, the Government of Alberta, and the Battistella family.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the project and its construction that you may need to know:

What is an inclusive playground?
An inclusive playground goes beyond minimum accessibility standards to provide an environment where children (and citizens) of all abilities and needs can interact. Inclusive spaces utilize a set of universal design principles that guide the placement and overall function of the play structures, pathways, seating, equipment, and other amenities. In an
inclusive playground, children, families and caretakers can play together in the same space, regardless of ability, needs, age, gender, culture, or race.

Why are we getting a new Inclusive Playground?
Due to construction plans of the Greenline, Ramsay lost its beloved Jefferies Park. Since 2018, the Ramsay Community Association and dedicated volunteers have been diligently working to ensure residents still have a place to play.

Where will the Ramsay Inclusive Playground be?
The playground will be located on the corner of Macdonald Ave. and Bellevue Ave. SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4M3.

When will construction of the playground begin?
Construction of the playground will begin early May – weather permitting.

When will construction of the playground be completed?
The construction of the playground is anticipated to be completed by the end of summer 2021 – weather permitting.

Will construction affect the attached roadways or traffic in the area?
No! Traffic and residential roadways will be unaffected by the construction of the Ramsay Inclusive Playground.

I want more information – where should I go?
For more information please visit,
If you cannot find the information you are looking for on the webpage please email

Thank you for your ongoing support, we cannot wait to share this special park with all of our residents very soon.

Ramsay Merchandise

April 25th, 2021

We’re super excited to announce the launch of Ramsay Merchandise. Check it Out!