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City of Calgary Updates

May 30th, 2021

New residential speed limit

The new default unposted speed limit on neighbourhood streets will change to 40 km/h as of May 31, 2021. 

Please visit to find out where changes are happening.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Reconnection Project

The City is making updates to the lagoon, reconnecting it to the Bow River, and making other improvements to the area to provide a continuous stream of water to the lagoon. Construction will begin July 2021 and will be completed in three stages. During this time there will be temporary park and pathway closures.

Attend an online information session June 15-17 to learn more. Register at

What is recyclable? What isn’t?

There will be a free public waste and recycling presentation through the Calgary Public Library on Tuesday, June 15th at 7:00pm:

CBE Community Engagement Continues

May 30th, 2021

In March, the Calgary Board of Education proposed two scenarios in order to balance enrolment across its 21 high schools and gathered feedback from all stakeholders–students, parents, and community members. Of particular interest to Ramsay residents was that in one proposal, the designated high school for our community changes from Western Canada High School to Forest Lawn High School. A new proposal, blending aspects of both original scenarios, will be shared on June 1. From June 1 to 13 stakeholders will be able to complete an online survey to provide further feedback, and from June 1 to 8 stakeholders can provide comments, questions, and discussion items on Idea Boards. The finalized plan will be shared by June 30.

Much more information on this, and the links to providing feedback, are available here:

City of Calgary Project Updates

May 2nd, 2021

Here are a number of updates from the City regarding projects affecting Ramsay and Inglewood. You can sign up here for monthly news about City projects in these communities.

Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan (LAP)

The City is putting the Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan (LAP) on pause. The City is engaging in Heritage Conservation Tools and Incentives work on commercial areas, and will then revisit the schedule for re-launching the LAP, as part of the Area 7 multi-community Local Area Plan (AREA 7). Area 7 will include the communities of Alyth Bonnybrook, Burns Industrial, Highfield, Inglewood, Manchester Industrial (northern portion) and Ramsay. 

The schedule for launching Area 7 will be considered within the context of the larger Local Area Plan program. When Area 7 is launched, it will follow the phases set out for all Local Area Plans in Calgary. The North Hill Communities Local Area Plan provides an example of the current process.

 A Council-approved Local Area Plan is required to implement the policies and direction from the Guidebook for Great Communities and Heritage Conservation Tools and Incentives. The City will continue to review applications submitted through our Corporate Planning Applications Group.

For more information on our Local Area Plan program, please visit

Update on Guidebook for Great Communities Public Hearing of Council & Next Steps 

The Guidebook for Great Communities was presented and discussed at the public hearing of Council March 22 – 24, 2021. More than 130 citizens provided feedback directly, with additional input also received through written submissions.

The Guidebook team are preparing the What We Heard Report, which will reflect the themes discussed at the public hearing, and will report back to the Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development on May 5, 2021. The Report will also demonstrate how the Guidebook addresses those themes, as well as provide options for changes to the Guidebook in response to the discussion at the Council meeting and input received prior to the public hearing. 

For more information, please visit

Jack Long Park

The Jack Long Park is still considered a high priority and is currently, park anticipated to be completed by the end of summer. In this vibrant new space, community members will be able to:

  • Enjoy the custom amenities designed for this park, including the play structure, picnic areas and open grass spaces.
  • Book the event area for festivals and community events.
  • Rent the greenspace for informal events.
  • Enjoy the picnic areas, seating options and the bike racks (designed with input from citizens).

For more information, please visit

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Connection

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Connection project will reconnect the lagoon to the Bow River and make improvements to the area to provide a continuous stream of water to the lagoon. This work will ensure the health and longevity of the lagoon, improve water conditions and fish habitat.

Construction will begin July 2021 and will occur in three stages. The final stage is expected to be complete in fall 2022. During construction sections of the park and pathways will be temporarily closed.

The City will be holding online public information sessions in late May 2021. Information on dates and how to register will be posted on as it becomes available.

Elbow River Bridge

The City is now starting to plan the LRT bridge that will cross over the Elbow River between Victoria Park and Ramsay as part of the Green Line. The bridge will cross over existing infrastructure in the area—two sanitary lines, a multi-use pathway and the east pathway.

The planning objectives for the LRT bridge include building a simple structure that does not compete with adjacent bridges and provides a safe and comfortable pathway experience under and around the bridge. 

Green Line explored a single span bridge across the river and pathway and a two-span bridge with a pier between the pathway and the river. The recommended bridge form is the two-span slab-on-girder bridge as it allows for three metres of vertical clearance between the pathway and the bridge structure on the west side and is more economical. The pathway experience can be enhanced by an architectural treatment to the pier or opening in the pier to provide views to the river. Pathway lighting was also an important consideration.

For more information and links to recordings of live information sessions, please visit